St Andrews Castle and Cathedral

St Andrews with view of cathedral seen from medieval tower

St Andrews is a picturesque Royal Burgh on the east coast of Scotland, just a 10-minute drive from us at Elderburn Lodges.

St Andrews Castle and Cathedral are two of the town’s most famous landmarks, and only a short walk from each other. Both date, in part, from the 13th century and are now in ruins.

St Andrews Castle

Ancient castle ruins by the sea and a blue sky

During the middle ages, St Andrews Castle was the home of the bishops and archbishops of St Andrews. They were important figures in the Scottish church, and the impressive size of the castle showed their wealth and power.

Frontage of St Andrews Castle in Scotland

The castle was repaired and rebuilt many times over history. As it came under attack during the Wars of Scottish Independence. And also in periods of religious tension and reformation. When bishops were abolished in 1592, the great building fell into disrepair.

Although the castle is now in ruins, there is still much to see. The impressive frontage still remains. And you can go into the underground mine and countermine, and look down into the bottle dungeon prison. There’s also a Visitor Centre with further information and displays.

St Andrews Cathedral

View of St Andrews Cathedral ruins through arches

This was the headquarters of the Medieval Catholic Church in Scotland. As with the castle, it was attacked many times and eventually left to ruin.

Imposing cathedral ruins St Andrews Scotland

However, it remains a huge and imposing structure with lots to explore. You can still climb the 33 m tall St Rule’s Tower, which offers magnificent views from the top. And there is also a museum on site, housing various sculptures and artefacts recovered from the cathedral.

Visiting St Andrews Castle and Cathedral

Please check the Historic Environment Scotland website for all opening and closing times, ticket prices and dates of closure for the castle and cathedral. And if you’re looking for self-catering accommodation nearby, check out our range of luxury lodges.

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