St Andrews Ghost Tours

Explore our ‘other’ residents with St Andrews Ghost and Witch Tours

A ghostly figure walking down and old street

St Andrews may well be known as the home of golf, but many visitors flock to the beautiful town every year for a very different reason. So whether you’re a sceptic or a “Most Haunted” fanatic, St Andrews Ghost and Witch Tours are certain to have you asking questions or send shivers down your spine!

About St Andrews Ghost Tour 

St Andrews Cathedral with its gravestones in foreground in St Andrews Scotland

St Andrews Ghost Tour takes you back in history and introduces you to some of the past residents in many of the town’s haunted locations. Not to mention, the tour is also based on the bestselling book, “Ghosts of St. Andrews” by Richard Falconer. As well as this, the tour also features unpublished ghoulish accounts and stories. There is a vast number of reported sightings in this historical town, making it the perfect backdrop for this spooky historical tour to take place.

With this in mind, you will meander the ancient old streets and maybe even meet a ghost or two. You will listen to stories about a 200 year old St Andrews mystery, 14 phantom monks, 2 ghostly golfers, 8 ghoulish ladies, the phantom piper and ghost ship and much more!

Ghostly figures in a room

What is more, your tour guide is none other than the author Richard Falconer himself! So you are in knowledgeable hands. Book your tour online today. Tours run for approximately 90 minutes.  

About Witches Tours in St Andrews

St Andrews Cathedral in St Andrews Scotland

Not only is there a ghost tour but a witch tour too! Here you will scream with laughter and shriek with fright! You will follow your guide who is dressed top to toe in costume. As you wander haunted streets and weird winds you hear tales of horror and history, phantoms and folklore. Not to mention the need to constantly check your back as you go!

Group tours, day tours, and regular tours are available for booking. Regular tours last around 70 minutes. So get booking and get shrieking by booking online here.

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