Fun Days Out in Fife with Hard Hats

Get the hard hat on and get exploring!

So you may have arrived here desperate to find out all about what these fun days out in Fife with‘Hard Hat’s’ is all about! So let’s introduce Bennet House. Bennet House is a historical property in the quaint and famous village of Culross (featured in the Outlander series). Over the years it has sadly slipped away into decline. Tiles slipping off, vegetation growth, leaks, rotten wood, broken windows and structural issues are to name but a few. Fear not as The Little House Improvement Scheme is here to save this historic building!

What is The Little House Improvement Scheme?

The Little House Improvement Scheme is a National Trust Scotland, in-house building preservation trust. They work to save, renovate and restore domestic, historical buildings throughout Scotland. This work is invaluable. This superb scheme saves a lot of Scotland’s stunning and iconic historic buildings that would not have survived otherwise. With all the modernisations made to burghs over the 20th century, many historical buildings would not be here today without the LHIS’s work.

What are the plans for Bennet House?

Culross has been a burgh The National Trust for Scotland and LHIS have worked with since the 1930’s and Bennet House is a welcome addition to their folio. Set in the heart of this burgh and believed to date back to 16th century, the aim is to restore this property back to its former glory. Most of the restoration will be on the ground floor and north wing of the property. This section has been heavily modernised over the 20th century. The remainder of the internal fabric of the property will be retained where possible. Alterations to the external fabric of the will include rebuilding the north-east gable of the property and repairing the roof. You can find out more about the details of the restoration here.

So what about the hard hat days out?

Looking for somewhere to stay in Fife?

If you are planning any holidays in Fife, our luxury self-catering lodges near St Andrews provide the perfect haven to enjoy some peace and quiet. We are an hour away from the stunning village of Culross which we certainly advise you to add to your fun days out in Fife list! And it is all the better to visit, now that you can undertake a Hard Hat Tours and workshops! If you want to know more then please get in touch with us on 07840 801114 or email us here.  We look forward to hearing from you.

The wonderful thing is that this project is not to go on behind closed doors! You, the public are being invited to take part in the ‘Conservation Action’! Here you can come along and take part in an array of workshops that are being run throughout the project. Investigating the property structure through its archaeology, repointing in lime, repair of traditional sash and case windows are but a few workshops that you can take part in. You can also come along and be taken on a guided ‘Hard Hat Tour’ of the building while it is under restoration. Restoration started in September and will run on until June 2017. To see when the Hard Hat Tours and workshops are on check out the events page here.