Beaches near St. Andrews

 Are you thinking of taking a trip to the seaside town of St. Andrews?  If you’re going to the seaside, you have to visit the beaches near St. Andrews. Live it up on either of St. Andrews’ two beaches, the East Sands and West Sands. In fact, our beaches are so popular; the West Sands beach was used to film the iconic opening sequence to Chariots of Fire.

What’s so great about the beaches near St. Andrews?

The lovely thing about St. Andrews’ beaches is that they are typically quiet. Of course, during the summer the beaches do become a little busier, but the serene ambience of the beach is never lost. Why endure the hassle of long flights and jetlag when there’s stunning white sands and sparkling clear water right on our doorstep? If the allure of seaside paradise isn’t enough to sway you, there’s also Scotland’s favourite ice cream parlour, Jannetta’s Gelateria nearby. The ice cream parlour has a huge range of mouth-watering flavours including bubble-gum, honeycomb and a selection of sorbets. The sun shines high in the sky at the peak of summer in St. Andrews; the beaches are a great place to take the kids on holiday, a loved one for a romantic break and even your furry friends for a run through the sand and waters of this fantastic location.

Things to do on the Beach

Beach parties are a great idea – however be mindful that having parties on the beaches of St. Andrews that no alcohol is allowed! However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a delicious barbeque on the beach with your family and friends.

Why sit in on a nice day when you could take the dog for a run or the kids out for a cost-free day trip? Get the buckets and spades out for the kids, get in the car and head on over to the beach, lay back, enjoy the summer heat and forget about the usual stresses of life. There’s really no excuse not to visit the beaches near St. Andrews and see what the fuss is all about!