Hidden gems and unusual things to do in Fife

Seek out these hidden gems in and around Fife

Fife is nestled right in the heart of Scotland. A beautiful area where new and vibrant trends mix perfectly with old, historic traditions. If you’re looking for some of the more unusual things to do during your stay with us at Elderburn Lodges, you’re in luck! Because we’ve created this list of interesting and not-so-obvious places to visit in and around St Andrews. So here are our Fife hidden gems…

Scotland’s Secret Bunker

Hidden beneath a Scottish farmhouse lies Scotland’s Secret Bunker. This 1950s nuclear bunker lies 100 feet below ground and is the size of two football pitches, one on top of the other. So there is plenty of exploring to do! Go and discover the story behind this fascinating part of Scotland’s history.

Harbourmaster’s House

The Harbourmaster’s House overlooks the historic harbour of Dysart. Hidden along the Fife Coastal Path, which runs from the Forth Estuary in the south to the Tay Estuary. Visit the Coastal Centre in the basement of the house to learn about Fife’s coastline and the history of the harbour. You can also enjoy refreshments in the Harbourmaster’s Cafe. (Please note the Coastal Centre is currently closed, but check here for updates)

Blairadam Forest

Another beautiful gem is Blairadam Forest. Three enticing trails wind through Blairadam Wood, an attractive mix of mighty spruces and also colourful beech woodland. William Adam, the noted Scottish architect, built Blairadam House in the 1730s and landscaped the surrounding estate.

Mist and fog amongst the trees at Blairadam

St Andrews Ghost Tours

Like all ancient towns, St. Andrews has a haunted history guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. If you’re looking for chilling things to do in St. Andrews, then St. Andrews Ghost Tours is just for you. Led by bestselling author, Richard Falconer, these walking tours around the old quarters of the town take about an hour and a half to complete.

Dunino Den

Finally, just outside of St Andrews, Dunino Den is surrounded by tales of the supernatural. This ancient site lies in the woods behind a church. There’s an altar stone, a well, and carvings in the rocks and cliffs. Visitors may seek this hidden place out for its calming atmosphere and links with ancient peoples. Some leave little offerings of ribbons and coins behind.

Carved face in a rock at Dunino Den

When your boots are worn and your eyes are tired, there seems no better option during your exploration of Fife hidden gems, than to retreat back to your own private, luxury lodge at Elderburn Lodges. Staying with us is the perfect way to prolong your Fife adventure by sampling a little bit of luxury along the way.