St Andrews Highland Games 2024

Fling yourself into the St Andrews Highland Games

If you’re staying with us at Elderburn Lodges this July, put this date in your diary. The St Andrews Highland Games is taking place on Sunday 28th July 2024. Tickets are available to buy online now. So secure your tickets now and look forward to a great family day out in Fife.

So what is on at St Andrews Highland Games?

If you are a native, then you’re likely to know what to expect from the Highlands Games. But if you are visiting, you are in for a treat when you see how we Scots do it! One of the main attractions and most famous of the Highland Games sports is the Heavy Weights competition. Here you will see athletes in their kilts displaying great strength. From tossing the caber, throwing the hammer, throwing the weight and putting the shot, you will be in awe of these mighty Scots!

Other events may include the tug o’ war, where two teams heave on either side of a strong rope to see who can out-pull the other. Cycling races and running events allow participants to demonstrate their skill and speed to see who can be the fastest in their field.

Traditional music and dancing

Developed in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Highland dancing has become an integral part of the Scottish Highlands Games. Here you will see dancers draped in tartan, flinging, jumping and manoeuvring their limbs and bodies with great skill and agility to demonstrate their technique and artistry in this masterful form of dance. Performed to the sound of bagpipes, you will experience the true essence of all things Scottish as the sounds and sites envelope your senses.

Solo bagpiping sees pipers compete against each other to the sounds of our national and iconic bagpipe music. With plenty happening you are spoilt for choice and can spectate at your pleasure on your day at the St Andrews Highland Games.

Where and when?

So if this has tuned up your pipes and you are raring to go, then you need to know when and where it is all happening. The superb venue is at Station Park, in front of the Old Course Hotel at the entrance to St Andrews from Dundee/ Cupar. Be ready for a fun-filled day on Sunday 28th July. Find out more and get your tickets here.

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