The Top Golf Courses in Fife

Golf in Scotland is almost like a rite of passage. It is a trademark of our green hills and a testament to our culture as nature-loving sportsmen. To keep our competitive nature alive, we house some of the most spectacular and beautiful golf courses in the world. With our national record for golfing tournaments, to our winning streaks such as patriotic Russel Knox winning the Chinese open, we have it all. With a legacy that spans six centuries, there is no finer place to play a round of golf than the country that gave the game to the world. From links courses and parkland courses to heathland courses and everything else in between, Scotland is packed with over 550 fantastic courses to play. Fife boasts over 45 famous, historic and challenging golf courses, so we have conjured a list of the top golf courses in fife to please even the most skilled of players.

The Golfing Gold

St Andrews Links Golf Course has in the past boasted itself as the home and creator of all things golf. For more than 600 years St Andrews Links has felt the tread of every great champion, the swing of the best amateurs and the smiles of many. Ranked as one of the best in the world, there are many reasons to visit Fife, and this may just be one of the best. As one of the top golf courses in Fife, and maybe the world. St Andrews is the ultimate luxury golfing experience.


Swinging and Laughing

Another golfing luxury in Fife is Kingsbarn Golf Links. Ranked No18 in Golf Digest, their passion is to host a memorable experience that all ranks of players can enjoy. Described as the hidden gem amongst the giants, this is one of Scotland’s best personal golfing secrets that is yours to steal.  The Ladybank Golf Club prides itself on showcasing a variety of talent amongst its beautiful views. If you’re a golfing and sightseeing enthusiast, then Ladybanks is the one for you. As one of the top golf courses in Fife, this course is a real beauty to behold.

Golf - St Andrew attractions

Luxury Lodging

Of course when on a golfing experience, there are many ways to make it memorable. Whether you are on a friendly outing, family day or working network event, then golf is always a popular choice. Though when the golfing has finished and you have beaten your record, there is a perfect way to end such an experience. Elderburn Luxury Lodges are the golfer’s paradise after a long day of playing. Our luxury lodges are both spacious and luxurious, perfect for cooking up a feast to toasting the winner. Capturing all the beauty that Fife has to offer, visit one of the top golf courses in Fife and then end your day in the hidden luxury of Fife.