5 Must-Have Essentials for your Luxury Lodge Break

Do you ever suffer that horrible nagging feeling you’ve forgotten something when heading out on holiday? It’s a sensation we’re all too familiar with – and often results in some seriously grimy teeth as a result of misplacing the toothpaste tube. At Elderburn Luxury Lodges, St. Andrews, even though we stock our very own complimentary toiletries, we’ve heard about plenty of home-comfort emergencies, so we’ve compiled our top five must-have essentials for your luxury lodge break so you never have to stress again!

Luxury Lodge Break Essentials


For the most important meal of the day, ensure you don’t suffer from hanger (hungry anger) during your lodge trip by packing some continental breakfast essentials. Whilst, here in St. Andrews, we’re partial to a full Scottish fry up, we’d recommend bringing some quick self-catering lodge essentials such as croissants, cereal, milk and butter.

Board Games

Particularly helpful if you’re travelling with children on your self-catering holiday, board games are a great way to take things back to the basics and entertain for hours. Take a step back and unplug from technology and fully embrace the family-friendly vibe at your luxury lodge. Here, at Elderburn Lodges, we already have a selection of board games waiting for you – but be sure to bring along your family favourite just in case!

First Aid Kit

Must-have, but often forgotten, a first aid kit is essential if you’re planning some outdoor activities. A simple kit can be picked up at local chemists or supermarket suppliers containing all the necessary bits and bobs in the event of a nasty scrape when cycling or hiking. If your kit doesn’t already have it, we’d recommend throwing in some antiseptic, bandages and plasters.


There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a delicious meal to realise you’ve left the tomato sauce at home. When self-catering, make sure to bring along all your favourite condiments – but don’t fret over big bottles – simply collect sachets of condiments from your local fast-food drive-thru in the weeks before you set off for your trip.

The Visitors Folder

Not necessarily an item to bring with you, but an essential nonetheless. Apart from holding crucial health and safety information, the visitor folder helps you get the most out of your luxury lodge. Want to find out about the local area? There’s no better guide than local knowledge to inform you of the best attractions to visit during your lodge break. Struggle with technology? Visitor folders typically also provide instructions on how to use televisions and other equipment within your luxury lodge.

At Elderburn, our gorgeous luxury lodges are built with customer comfort in mind. Regardless of your needs, we’ll ensure that your stay in your home from home is as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. To find out about which amenities are included in our Scottish luxury lodges, find out here.

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