Meet The Team

We have now been open for 8 years are so proud of our wee business. We are very grateful to all of our guests – to say we couldn’t do it without you is an understatement!

So, we thought it was about time to update you on what we have been doing recently, and to introduce ourselves to future guests. As always Gareth and I can often be found up a ladder/on the lawnmower/weeding the garden/under a mountain of paperwork in our wee office. We are always happy to drop it all and stop for a chat though! Our kids are often here helping too (perhaps β€˜help’ is a bit strong!). They are chief toy testers and swing approval team. Now aged 8 and 5 many of you will be familiar with them, having both been on site since before they were born. As a small family-run business we try to support as many other small businesses as possible (our cleaners, laundry service, electrician, window cleaner etc) and encourage our guests to visit others such as the farm shops, restaurants and shops nearby. We are so lucky to love our jobs – come and see us soon!