Romantic Things To Do This Valentines in St Andrews

With the most romantic time of year upon us, the pressure to come up with the best plan mounts on us all. With cupid flying at the speed of an arrow, the hearts must come out and the flowers must be bought. So ditch the stress, hoist up the banners and celebrate Valentine’s the right way. With the most romantic things to do in the Scotland. With your lover, your love and St Andrews, there is no better a recipe for the perfect, memorable Valentine’s Day that neither of you will forget.

Lose Yourself in The Highlands

There are beautiful places all over the world. From the cobbled streets of Paris to the golden Californian coast. Yet many would agree, that they simply are a backdrop to your experience, not the experience itself. Whereas, with St Andrews, considered a location filled with romantic things to do, what you also have is the natural, idyllic Highland scenery that provides a setting to experience and a memory not to forget.

St Andrews Cathedral and Castle

With the gentle northern sunshine, the pretty shapes of the coast and the simple Scottish nature, St Andrews is like a little lovers’ paradise, here in bonnie Scotland. Become an avid historian and explore the old, historic beauty that makes St Andrews what it is. St Andrews Castle is the golden coast location. A fortress, palace and prison all in one. There will be no shortage of historic and grizzly tales to have you gripping onto your better half’s arms. As you scale the slope in search of true history.

A Little Dram of Love

Whisky being poured into a glass

Add a little sizzle and spice to your romantic trip with a distillery trip. These romantic things to do are popular with couples looking for that extra fun day out. The perfect way to entertain you and your lover. As well as the perfect excuse to get a little tippled along the way. Kingsbarns Distillery. Take their guided tours and sample the very best the distillery has to offer. Eat, drink and indulge yourselves in their love of whisky. Sure to make the perfect blend, good enough to be bottled.

A Taste of Heaven in St Andrews

A photo of a couple toasting a drink

With St Andrews providing romantic things to do with just a long walk around our beaches. There is plenty to keep that flame burning in this beautiful location. Take in that fresh, crisp Scottish air. Entwine your fingers and take a long walk across the St Andrews West Sand beaches and hills. Where time stops, busy life halts, and all that’s left is just you two.

And of course, when all’s done and your toes can’t cope, retreat back to your personal luxury lodge at Elderburn Lodges. Cuddle up in front of our striking fireplaces. Open a vino hand crafted in St Andrews and feel as if there is not a care in the world to be had. With your own private space and kitchen, there is always the chance to prepare the most heart-felt of meals. Which of course you locally sourced on your romantic day out. With the meal, the wine and the privacy, Elderburn seems to be that missing ingredient to that ever so perfect recipe. For the perfect, romantic, blissful and loving – happy Valentine’s Day.