Wild Swimming in Fife

Are you looking for somewhere to go open water swimming in Scotland?

If you are looking for places to go open water swimming in Scotland then read on. With this fabulous hot Scottish summer this 2018, there will many of you looking for places to bathe to cool down. So this blog is going to take a look at the safety elements involved and places you can partake in outdoor swimming in the Kingdom of Fife.

Safety first!

First of all, it is most important that you stay safe while swimming outdoors. This involves behaving responsibly and following some basic advice which is listed below for you:

  1. Firstly, it is important to realise that shallow waters do not necessarily mean safe waters. Many people are caught out when suddenly there is a drop into deep water. This is particularly dangerous for non-swimmers. Therefore, if you are a non-swimmer, be sure to wear a good buoyancy aid.
  2. Secondly, NEVER swim anywhere, under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol affects your judgment and lures you into a false sense of security, therefore making unsafe decisions. Many deaths have occurred as a result of this behavior.
  3. And, always swim with others and make sure that you are visible. By wearing a bright swim cap and/or float you are identifiable by all water users. These are inexpensive and could save your life.
  4. Furthermore, jumping and diving into water can be very dangerous and have resulted in many accidents and fatalities. Although the water looks clear, you do not know what is underneath.
  5. Know your ability as a swimmer. A good rule to follow is to swim 10% of what you can manage in an indoor swimming pool. This is to factor in your body getting used to the colder temperatures of the water.
  6. Always research where you plan to swim beforehand to know of any safety matters such as strong currents or water contamination that could affect your safety. Ask wild swimming groups via there social pages or locals.
  7. Stay away from weeds as they can get tangled around your legs. The tendency is to panic when you swim through weeds but this is dangerous as they are more likely to tangle around your legs if you thrash them about. Stay calm, swim with your arms and use your legs as little as possible if this happens. Usually, it is easy to avoid this situation as weeds are easily seen.

To see some more detailed information on outdoor swimming safety click here.

Places in Fife to enjoy open water swimming…

So let’s take a look at places to swim in Fife. With having miles of coastline there is plenty of places with water, but it is useful to know where is good. Important to note is that any outdoor swimming that you undertake is done so at your own risk and we highly advise you to follow the above safety guidelines.

St Andrews

West Sands in St Andrews is stunning 2 mile stretch of beach by the historic town of St Andrews. And it is a popular place to swim.

East Sands is also a popular outdoor swimming spot and is also used for a variety of water sports such as kayaking, surfing, and windsurfing.

Cellardyke Tidal Pool

If you fancy a swim in an old tidal pool then head to the Cellardyke tidal pool. As this is an old and un-maintained pool it is advised not to jump in and also to swim in it at low tide.

Cellardyke tidal pool in Fife
Cellardyke Outdoor Pool

Elie Chainwalk

And if you fancy a scramble along some cliffs and to take a dip along the way then the Elie Chainwalk is for you. With many crystal clear pools along the way, you are in for a scenic dip. Chain 5 is a fun spot to have a swim in.

A cliff face with a cove and blue waters at Elie Chain Walk in Fife

Elie Harbour Beach

In the picturesque town of Elie lies another great spot for a swim – Elie Harbour beach. As it is home to a lovely bay with golden sands, many can enjoy a refreshing dip here. As well as this there are an array of watersports that can be enjoyed here and there are lifeguards.

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