The best Things to Do in Fife in 2016

Christmas is almost over and 2016 is fast approaching. Where have the years gone, wasn’t it like 2008 five minutes ago? Maybe it’s just that here at Elderburn Luxury Lodges, we just have so much fun that time flies. With 2016 coming, we’re looking ahead to what fun filled festivals are happening in Fife, and of all things to do in Fife in 2016, we have the list for you.

Crazy for Crail

Head into 2016, and one of Fife’s famous events hits us in June. The Crail Food Festival, taking place in the costal village of Crail, the Crail Food Festival is a highlight of the summer festival calendar. Held over a weekend, the festival programmes a variety of food and drink based events and opportunities for producers and public alike. With music events, evening dinners, indoor and outdoor markets, this festival has good, local food at its heart. The festival food market traditionally takes place on the Saturday and plays host to a wealth of independent producers from across Fife, selling direct to you. Of all things to do in fife, this locally sourced market takes you back to the lost appreciation we have for fresh, locally sourced produce that would melt in your mouth.

Art and the Highlands

For the more artistic among us, there is the Pitenweem Arts Festival. Attracting around 25,000 people, Pittenweem is a small fishing village with a big reputation! Exhibiting throughout the village, artists and craft makers from around Britain are on hand to meet visitors, sell their work and deliver a programme of talks and workshops throughout the festival. Perfect for the quiet family, educational day out. From the culture and food, the things to do in fife in 2016 are so diverse and different that there is sure to be something to amuse all the family, even the young and old.

Toast St Andrews in St Andrews

One of the top poetry festivals in Scotland, StAnza is famous for its friendly atmosphere and international focus, the place to hear favourite poets, discover new voices and enjoy the beautiful town of St Andrews and StAnza’s lively festival hub. Choose from more than 80 readings, performances, discussions and poetry. What better things to do in fife would complement so well between poetry and beauty. For the scenery to be so at one with poetry and literature that the beautiful settings and nature around you, who wouldn’t come back for more?

Highland Luxury

And with all these low budget, educational and inspiring festivals happening around Fife and St Andrews in 2016, is there a better place to retreat to than Elderburn Lodges. Our luxury self-catering lodges allow you all the privacy and scenery of a beautiful highland getaway, but with a five star atmosphere and setting. With all these things to do in fife, we’re sure Elderburn would be a popular choice to accommodate all our culture seekers in 2016, and why not? Spend your day enjoying the festivals and highland treats in and around our lodges, then retreat back with all your freshly bought Scottish produce and prepare yourself the most heart-felt, home cooked meal that is so Scottish and fresh, you know Elderburn is the perfect home.